We created two wiki-like community-editable pages in order to get organized for the Hackathon. The pages are editable anonymously.

Hackathon Projects

Project is an issue that will be worked on for the whole duration of the Hackathon. We aim at assigning a table in the main Hackathon room for each project proposal.

We invite Hackathon participants that would like to champion a project to add a row in the corresponding table. Project champions are expected to provide a short pitch of the proposed project on Tuesday morning (1-3 minutes), and a wrap up presentation on what was achieved during the Hackathon on Wednesday afternoon.

If you are not championing a project, you will be able to join any table during the Hackathon, based on your personal preferences and the project pitches.

The page to edit is here.

Side Meetings

In parallel with the Hackathon, we will be having several short side meetings on topics that do not require 2 days of work. Side meetings can take place in the main Hackathon room, or in the breakout room.

If you would like to have a side meeting, please add a row in the corresponding table. To book a Breakout room, simply find a free slot based on the available information in the table and mark the Place in your entry as “Breakout room”. First-come first-served policy is applied.

The page to edit is here.